Window Replacement: What Are the True Costs?

Window replacement cost is something everyone faces at some time in your home. When you do decide to go forward with the replacement, you are not only adding to the value of your home, you are adding to the comfort that is available for you and your family.


Of course, you would want to consider all of the factors that go along with your window replacement in the home, including the replacement cost. What can you expect to pay for such a window job?

First of all, it is important to consider that your cost for replacement depends on a number of factors. For example, what type of window you are considering. These could include wood, vinyl and aluminum framed. Each of these is going to have their own pros and cons and each is going to have a different price tag. You need to determine which is right for you and your house, after which, you can look at other cost factors, such as a brand name window.

Another consideration that will make a difference in the window replacement cost is that there may be some tax advantages to replacing them. In some areas you will have a deduction on your taxes, if you use a high quality, energy efficient window. This is something that you should discuss with your accountant. If you do have any tax advantages available when replacing the windows, it can go a long way in swaying your decision.


Along with a savings on your taxes, you should also consider the energy saving that are available. The majority of the energy that you lose from your home goes right out the window. By purchasing energy efficient windows, you will be saving money on your monthly energy bill. Although you may need to pay more for the installation of the windows, it will repay you quickly with a lower energy cost.

Have you had a contractor out to your home to evaluate the windows? This is an important step and can make a difference in the window replacement cost. Not only will contractors charge different prices for their services, they may also have other options available which might save you some money. What are those possible options?

If you have windows that are foggy or cracked, you might be able to save money by replacing only the glass. This option should be discussed with the contractor. By replacing the glass and sealing it again, you can have clean, like-new windows that are going to be much less expensive that replacing the frame along with the glass. It is an option that is certainly worth exploring.

We have touched on just a few of the factors that will help to determine how much you will spend on replacing your windows. Make sure that you look at your options and weigh your decision carefully. It is something that can help to enhance your home in wonderful ways, if you make wise choices.