Safe Online Banking Tips

Safe Online Banking

Tablet computers are fast becoming a popular alternative for the PC. This is due to several reasons including instant startup, versatility, and portability and battery life. This has prompted major banks to jump on the bandwagon with their own tablet apps. However, this has also opened the probability of attacks on your tablet. Using the example of huntington online banking, I give a few pointers to safe online banking on your tablet computer.

Safe Online Banking Tips

  • Do not store banking ID or passwords in your tablets. It makes it easier to access accounts but it also becomes vulnerable when you lose your tablet or it gets stolen.
  • Clear your browser cache. To speed up internet browsing, browsers usually store basic copies of webpages including those that may contain your banking information.
  • Always log out. This is a crucial safety practice that many people fail to do when they have finished banking.
  • Only use certified apps. It is very important that you use apps supplied or advised by your bank. Do not just use any app on the internet to do your banking as you never know the code in these apps. You must also only download from official app stores.
  • Do not open emails with links from banks. Banks rarely send emails with links to clients advising the click on the link so treat any emails with very high suspicion and forward them to your bank.
  • Do not do your banking in public. It is also advisable not to do your banking in public areas. However, if you must then be aware of the people around you as some people may look over your shoulder and steal your information.
  • Do not use public WiFi. Everybody wants free WiFi but it is also open ground for thieves to steal your banking information. As much as possible, use secured networks.
  • Secure your device. Set a passcode for your device and a PIN for your SIM. However, do not use the same PIN for your login – always use something different.
  • Set a hard passcode.When creating a PIN or passcode always choose something that people will not easily guess like your date of birth. Instead, create something unique and follow these simple rules:
    • It must be more than 7 characters (the longer the better);
    • Combine all caps with small caps;
    • Use alphanumeric characters, and;
    • Include symbols.
  • Lock your device. Set your device to lock automatically. This should prevent any unwanted prying eyes when you leave the device unattended.
  • Say no jailbreakers. Never do your banking on jailbroken devices.
  • Get security. Install a security app on your tablet.
  • Contact your bank. If you lose your device, have questions or concerns then do not hesitate to contact your bank.

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